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You're Laughing: Pay Your Own Price to download seminal Laughter film Laughology

You can now pay your own price for the seminal laughter film Laughology. The breakthrough documentary is available for download here.

"Laughology has an amazing cult following," said Producer Shannon Brown. "And as the first feature documentary on laughter, we naturally want anyone who wants to to see it."

People can pay whatever they like for a download of the film. You can pay $1 or $1000. "Needless to say you are supporting future projects like Laughology," she said. "We're working on a sequel right now."

The documentary makes the case that laughter is the original peace signal and the human ability to share and transmit laughter may have been key to the rise of human civilization. The film chronicles unusual laughter phenomenon such as Holy Laughter, Laughter Parties and the Tanzanian Laughter Epidemic.

Screenings of the film have been notable as fits of uncontrollable laughter have broken out following the film. Gabor Pertic writing in A&E Vibe described a packed screening at HotDocs International Film Festival in Toronto Canada. "The screening had some of the loudest collective laughs I have ever heard in a movie theatre."

The National Post wrote: "Laughter has never been so thoroughly explored in a film as it is here."

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