LAUGHTER REALLY IS CONTAGIOUS Positive Emotions more Contagious Than Negative: The Laughing News

Laughter really is contagious and may prove that positive emotions are more contagious than negative according to this week's edition of The Laughing News, the online newspaper dedicated to laughter. A new study suggests that positive emotions may also be more contagious than negative emotions. This flies in the face of science which often suggests that humans are wired for fear, anger and predatory behaviours. More at The Laughing News. "Research by Finland’s Aalto Univer

Animals Laughing? The Laughing News Exposes the World of Animal Laughter

The new edition of The Laughing News looks at the controversial question of whether animals laugh. The conventional view, since Aristotle, is that humans are the only creatures who do. In fact the ancient Greeks believed what separated man from the animals is the ability to laugh. It may be that animals have been laughing all along. This edition of The Laughing News, the only online newspaper devoted to laughter, we explore the many facets of animal laughter. We expose a

Laughologist leads record breaking Mass Laugh at IdeaCity

Laughologist Albert Nerenberg led the entire IdeaCity conference last week in a bombastic Mass Maniacal Laugh with almost 1000 people laughing simultaneously. The laugh was part of a demonstration of Laughercize, a technique which allows people to laugh without jokes. Nerenberg claimed that laughter was an antidote to the overthinking which is epidemic. IdeaCity is the Canadian version of TED, where speakers are given are short slot to make an entertaining and significant pre

We Were Born To Laugh

The Laughing News, the world's only newspaper devoted to laughter, focusses on genetic propensity to laugh in this week's edition. Whether you laugh quick and loud may be genetic. The researchers in a new study demonstrated that people with a certain genetic variant smiled or laughed more while watching cartoons or subtly amusing film clips than others. However, people who work with laughter, in laughter therapy, laughter yoga or Laughercize, would likely disagree. "The amazi

You're Laughing: Pay Your Own Price to download seminal Laughter film Laughology

You can now pay your own price for the seminal laughter film Laughology. The breakthrough documentary is available for download here. "Laughology has an amazing cult following," said Producer Shannon Brown. "And as the first feature documentary on laughter, we naturally want anyone who wants to to see it." People can pay whatever they like for a download of the film. You can pay $1 or $1000. "Needless to say you are supporting future projects like Laughology," she said. "We

Don't Despair It's The Laughing News

It's the world's only newspaper devoted to laughter. The Laughing News for April 20th 2015; HEADLINES: Painkillers May Be Dampening Your Happiness Smiling Changes Your View Of the World 10 Ways to Treat Depression Without Anti-Depressants Your Sweat May Convey Your Happiness And much, much more.... #TheLaughingNews #Laughterworkshop #Laughercize #Laughteryoga #Laughology #Depression

Laughologist to speak at IdeaCity

Laughologist Albert Nerenberg, will be speaking at Canada's TED conference, IdeaCity in June. The conference whicih brings together scientists, thinkers and performers, is famous for provocatve speeches, wild parties and lively demonstrations. Nerenberg, who spoken at Idea City before, will be speaking about new approaches to laugher exercise. In the past Nerenberg demonstrated the contagiousness of laughter. As well he demonstrated that under hypnosis people can experience

Laughologist: Laughter has been hacked

Laughologist demonstrates the hack for laughter. #video #Laughology #laughter #Funny #Zoomer #Hacked #Hackinglaughter #PositivePsychology #Laughercize