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Although most of us would love to see our co-workers laughing more, bringing comedy to work is sometimes a dicey proposition. Not everyone has the same sense of humour and finds the same things funny. But laughter is another story. That's why so many companies, including banks, sales offices and teams use Laughology. 
Laughology works from the principles of contagious laughter, which are pretty similar across the board. It ends up being funny, heathy and fun. 

By using laugher exercise, or Laughercize, everyone laughs together. Groups often laugh for as much as a 90 minutes at a time. Workshops can be scaled.  From 15 minutes to 2 hours. 

The Laughologist often demonstrates: 


1) Positive Pyschology At Work

2) The Competitive Advantage of Fun

3) How Laughter Raises Morale and Creativity

4) Laughter Against Stress

5) New Trends in Motivational Science





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