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A new way to laugh that brings groups and teams together, raises morale and creates fun



“One of the 100 Most Influential People in  Fitness and Happiness” 2011


Albert Nerenberg is an acclaimed director, journalist and one of the world’s top experts on laughter. 

Nerenberg a “serious” journalist had a transformation after directing the breakthrough documentary, Laughology. 

He lightened up. 

      After experiencing an odyssey of laughter and uncovering a “new” way to do it, he became an advocate for the powerful universal nature of contagious laughter for wellness, human improvement, social progress and fun. Nerenberg claims that laughter has effectively been hacked. 

And after directing the breakthrough documentary, Laughology, Nerenberg helped develop a new approach to using laughter in daily life.   He developed Laughercize, a laughter exercise method. He started the first ever laughing championships. And he worked on therapeutic laughter techniques to help people cope with depression, addiction as well as to help ease the suffering of people with ALS.  Laughter exercize has been shown to improve mood, strengthen focus and concentration and reduce stress. In groups, shared laughter exercises has been shown to improve morale. 


The Laughologist uses these laughter techniques to help groups have fun, work better together and sometimes just blow off steam. The amazing thing is that the new laughter techniques are so easy to implement. 

Banks, Sales teams, IT units, and schools all use active laughter or Laughology to increase fun and morale. Laughology has been applied to help football teams, hockey teams and the Canadian Paralympic Team to help achieve their goals. A teams that laughs togethers, wins together. 


The Laughologist has been featured on BBC, CNN, FOX NEWS, CBC, Good Morning America,  among others. 


Stage Shows: The Laughologist peforms stages shows large and small, opening conferences, animated live events, workshops and seminars. Because the Laughologist makes crowds laugh without using jokes, the shows work for for groups of almost any age or passion.

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