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Is This The Future of Fun? The Laughing News The Laughologist is part of a remarkable new project that attempts to replace alcohol and drugs, with laughter, relaxation and hypnosis. “Although it seems like it,” said Laughologist Albert Nerenberg. “We’re not joking.” Nerenberg, who is a also a Stage Hypnotist, has done several public demonstrations where he puts volunteers into a variety of altere On Saturday August 8th, Nerenberg hosts The Hypnotic Bar: HypnoTranceBar II, a

You're Laughing: Pay Your Own Price to download seminal Laughter film Laughology

You can now pay your own price for the seminal laughter film Laughology. The breakthrough documentary is available for download here. "Laughology has an amazing cult following," said Producer Shannon Brown. "And as the first feature documentary on laughter, we naturally want anyone who wants to to see it." People can pay whatever they like for a download of the film. You can pay $1 or $1000. "Needless to say you are supporting future projects like Laughology," she said. "We