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Laughologist leads record breaking Mass Laugh at IdeaCity

Laughologist Albert Nerenberg led the entire IdeaCity conference last week in a bombastic Mass Maniacal Laugh with almost 1000 people laughing simultaneously.

The laugh was part of a demonstration of Laughercize, a technique which allows people to laugh without jokes. Nerenberg claimed that laughter was an antidote to the overthinking which is epidemic.

IdeaCity is the Canadian version of TED, where speakers are given are short slot to make an entertaining and significant presentation.

IdeaCity had focussed on new theories about the Universe, including the fact that matter can be broken down into simple computational elements. The Laughologist demonstrated that laughter also has computational elements, including the sound "ha" which when combined with certain behaviours triggers contagious laughter. Nerenberg also demonstrated the laughter wave, where an audience, looking at itself in large screens and is triggered to laugh.

The presentation culminated in a record-breaking Mass Maniacal Laugh.

Video of The Laughologist at IdeaCity is here.

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