LAUGHTER REALLY IS CONTAGIOUS Positive Emotions more Contagious Than Negative: The Laughing News

Laughter really is contagious and may prove that positive emotions are more contagious than negative according to this week's edition of The Laughing News, the online newspaper dedicated to laughter. A new study suggests that positive emotions may also be more contagious than negative emotions. This flies in the face of science which often suggests that humans are wired for fear, anger and predatory behaviours. More at The Laughing News. "Research by Finland’s Aalto Univer

Laughter as Attractor in this week's The Laughing News

Laughter is an attracting force which can help in business. INC calls laughter a Money Magnet in one of the stories featured in The Laughing News. Other headlines include: Switzerland Ranked World's Happiest Country New research says there's a moment when babies develop a sense of humor Funny: President Obama gets and "Anger Translator" Scientists Discover Real Life Kermit The Frog and much, much more.... The Laughing New is here: #Happiness #LawofAttraction #laughteryoga #La

Laughologist: Laughter has been hacked

Laughologist demonstrates the hack for laughter. #video #Laughology #laughter #Funny #Zoomer #Hacked #Hackinglaughter #PositivePsychology #Laughercize