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FOR INFO: or 416-821-1999


Imagine a bar where people get drunk and happy for an hour and then become instantly sober. 

The Hypnotic Bar is a hilarious public experiment where groups of people experience hypnotic drinking rather than the real thing. The Hypnotic Bar is staged by Hypno-Laughologist Albert Nerenberg who is also the founder of The Kingston Laughter League and a Kingston Hypnotherapist. 


Since July, The Hypnotic Bar’s has been playing in Toronto to capacity crowds, even taking over bars. Only water is served. The idea is to prove that alcohol and drugs can be replaced by healthy trance states. 


The first Hypnotic Bar at the Grad Club, brought out a capacity crowd. At the event a section of volunteers was hypnotized to believe they were drinking a wide variety of alcoholic drinks. The drinks produced dramatic effects including unrestrained laughter, dancing and even gender change. 


"It was so funny I was reduced to tears," said audience member Brian Weir. 


The Hypnotic Bar on Dec 11th has a Christmas theme.

“It’s just more fun than a real bar.  People will lose inhibition, they’ll laugh, they’ll dance, they do amazing things,” said Drasko Saban co-organizer and head of Consciousness Hacking Toronto, a group which promotes inquiry into altered states. “The difference is they have no hang over or side effects and they won’t be hit with a toxic bar bill. They can also have much wilder experiences. The process is always strangely hilarious.”

Saban says they service hypnotic drinks such as Laughing Tequila, Dancing Rum and the Libido Colada. Each drink has a powerful hypnotic effect although they are only water. 

Saban says The Hypnotic Bar seem impossible but it’s real. 

Saban said the choice of the Queens Grad Club as a venue was no accident.

“This is the epicenter of the church of alcohol,” he said. “The modern university.”

The Hypnotic Bar works by having volunteers come forward to be hypnotized. They are then offered water with the suggestion that they are drinks. They then experience a number of hilarious altered states. 

“No one is forced to be hypnotized,” said Saban. “The spirit is truly that of fun and the results are always hilarious.”

Nerenberg first demonstrated the principles behind the Hypnotic Bar at Canada’s TED conference, IdeaCity. 
































For information about The Hypnotic Bar contact:

416-821-1999 or email


The Hypnotic Bar - Hypnotic Christmas

Friday Dec 11th The Grad Club 162 Barrie St

Doors Open 7:30 pm

Tickets $12 - $10 

Hypnotic Drinks are free


Hilarious New event where people get drunk and happy on water is back for one night December 11th 

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